Modernizing Massachusetts FOR 5 GENERATIONS

Nault Architects, Inc. has been providing architectural services since 1886. We have established a solid reputation with many New England clients. Over the years, Nault Architects, Inc. has come to specialize in the design of municipal, educational, and institutional architecture, involving new construction, renovations, and additions typically bid under MGL c. 149.

Tsotsis Academic Center - Assumption University
Tsotsis Academic Center - Assumption University

High-Quality Services

Our architects always strive to give prompt and professional services. These include the following:

  • Evaluating existing structures and sites
  • Assisting in the development of a building program
  • Consultation with local and state authorities
  • Preparation of all required material for presentation
  • Experienced in MGL c.149 Bidding

Prioritizing Needs

In summary, the basic premise of Nault Architects, Inc. and our approach to a project is quite simple – understand the needs of the client and design a building that will:

  • Create an environment that is both aesthetically stimulating and functionally appropriate
  • Provide the best possible value for the client, both in terms of initial construction and long-term operation

When these goals are woven into the project from start to finish, it is our opinion that the client gains the best value for their initial and long-term investment in a project.

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