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Nault Architects, Inc. in Worcester, MA is dedicated to providing full architectural solutions. Our architects are well experienced and skilled when it comes to renovating and building additional spaces for public facilities. Partner with us to improve and modernize the design of your buildings.

Assumption University, HSB, Confeence Room

About Our Company

Our company helps enhance government facilities like public schools and state-aided public housing in Massachusetts. From start to finish, we firmly believe that our clients gain the best value for their initial and long-term investment in a project.

Client-Centric Solutions

We specialize in designing municipal, educational, and institutional architecture. Our architects will work closely with you to ensure that our designs suit your needs and preferences.

Ensuring Cost-Efficiency

Our company’s cost control is excellent. We strive to that the building materials specified for a renovation or construction project do not exceed the budget while still being of high quality.

Assumption University, Tsotsis Academic Ctr., Front Elevation

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